Multilingual website is a prerequisite for operations 

As an international company, a multilingual website is a prerequisite for Technopolis’ business operations. Technopolis decided to renew its website in order for it to better meet today’s needs. Delingua was selected as the translation partner for the renewal, as it has previous experience in similar projects. “Delingua also understood the importance of SEO in translation work, which was very important to us,” says Suvi Anttila, Marketing Manager at Technopolis.

A multilingual website allows us to provide information to our target groups in their local languages.

Our cooperation has remained smooth even after the website renewal: it’s easy for us to order new translations, and we’ve always received the translation help we’ve needed on a tight schedule.

Translations on schedule without compromising quality 

Technopolis praises Delingua for the quality of the translations, which was not affected by the scale of the project or the tight schedule. In addition, it was important for Technopolis that the translation partner should be able to help with translations even after the site renewal. Delingua collects and maintains a term base for Technopolis to ensure that the translations continue to be smoothly flowing and consistent.

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