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An international company needs efficient localisation

Today, Suunto employs over 400 people globally and its products are sold in over 100 countries. As an international consumer brand, Suunto constantly has many types of text localisation needs.

Some examples include product texts and related mobile application user interfaces, user instructions and marketing materials that are localised into dozens of languages. The texts also need frequent updating due to product development cycles.

Delingua has offered Suunto incredible support in building a new, more efficient operating model for translation, localisation and terminology management.

What we appreciate most is the solid professionalism of the Delingua team when it comes to translation and localisation, their technical expertise and our all-around fluent cooperation.

A new, more efficient operating model

In 2021, Suunto initiated a process for streamlining its translation and localisation processes and tools and to improve the quality, cost-efficiency and turnaround times of translations.

Suunto wanted to team up with a language service provider company that could provide advice and support in the constant development and improvement of multilingual content.

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