Translation agency

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100 certified translation agency and our services cover everything from one-off translation assignments to comprehensive multilingual communications and localisation service and technology solutions. The mission of our translation agency is to be your translation partner in all your translation needs, to adapt to your processes and to offer the right technological solutions for producing the service in question.

Delingua is a translation agency offering services that are optimal for companies and organisations of all sizes. For us, every customer is important. We offer language solutions based on our customers’ requirements.

Delingua is like shoes made by Minna Parikka: genuine, Finnish and high-quality, but never boring.

Translation service

Are you looking for a genuinely good translation service?

Are translation services a pressing issue in your organisation? Are you looking for a translation service provider that responds quickly, delivers translations on time and adapts to your processes? A partner with service quality that you can trust in?

All the translation services provided by us are planned according to your needs. We can process almost all file formats, use our proprietary, unparalleled language technology and provide many additional services to support your translation. For instance, you can order a translation to be done directly in a DTP file, copy-editing of a target-language text, subtitling for a video or a transcription of an audio file. If necessary, the entire LanguageWire language management ecosystem is there to support you.

Take full advantage of both the opportunities offered by AI-driven language technology and human expertise! Our language service solutions enable you to engage and communicate with your target audiences across the globe.


Is the translator familiar with our industry?

Our experience has shown that new customers are very concerned about whether the translator really is familiar with a certain field of business. For us, each translation assignment is special and deserves a translator who knows the subject matter and its special terminology. Our translation tool’s validation function provides additional peace of mind: The customer or another specialist can review the quality of the translation easily and efficiently, which also improves the quality of future translations.

Marketing translations

Forget about word-for-word marketing translations.

Marketing translations take a special kind of creativity and insightful solutions to express the feeling and meaning of the original text in the translation. Website content needs to be accompanied by search engine optimisation (SEO), also when it is translated.

Legal translations

The key to legal translations is accuracy.

Translating legal texts is a specialised field all of its own and requires particular diligence. Terms and concepts are precisely defined and many phrases are based on the law or other legally binding sources.

Software localisation

Software localisation: user friendliness in different languages.

Do you want to launch your application or software in a new market? If the answer is yes, you will need localisation – the adaptation of the software to the language and culture of the target country. For the user, the most important aspect of localisation is the translation of the user interface into the language of the target region.

CMS integration

No to manual work, yes to integration.

Whether you are using WordPress, Optimizely or any other content management system (CMS) or product information management system (PIM), a connector enables you to load translations directly into your CMS. You save time, money and, first and foremost, peace of mind when the most monotonous part in the language version release process can be eliminated.


Accessibility and localisation of audio and video content

The amount of audio and video content is increasing rapidly. If your target audience is international, why not make a multilingual video? The Accessibility Directive requires attention to accessibility and to making content available for everyone. One of the options for this is subtitling.

Machine translation

Machine translation and post-editing: a solution for translating large volumes of text quickly.

Machine translation and subsequent editing is often a suitable option for non-fiction texts that consist of short sentences, contain simple terminology and may have volumes of up to millions of words. Machine translation and post-editing increase productivity and create cost savings. In all translations, we use LanguageWire’s next generation AI technology and sector-specific neural machine translation engines.

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