Language school

Delingua’s language school offers many forms of language training for working life, organised flexibly and according to your needs. Our clientele includes small and large companies and public administration organisations. Many of our language school customers also use the other language services included in our comprehensive service portfolio.

Language training can always be tailored according to your needs, whatever your goal is – maintaining or improving your personnel’s language skills, enabling better customer service in Swedish or teaching the basics of Finnish to foreign employees posted in Finland.

It’s important to have a professional, friendly and inspiring trainer. It’s also crucial that the trainer listens to the students’ wishes.

Language training tailored specifically for your company

Can learning a language be fun and still achieve results? Yes, absolutely!

We provide customer-oriented language training that is tailored according to the needs of participants in all languages and for all levels. Training can be organised at Delingua’s or the customer’s premises or by using distance learning tools.

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