Interpreting service

In addition to conference interpreting, we also offer professional community and court interpreting  for both the private and public sectors.

Thanks to our fast and competent customer service, interpreting can be arranged for all kinds of events. The required interpreting equipment, such as interpreting booths, can also be easily arranged by us. Let’s find the optimal interpreting service for your needs!

Delingua’s service is excellent, and the interpreting worked out so well! Very high-quality and good experience.

Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting guarantees the success of your multilingual conference.

Customer satisfaction with Delingua’s conference interpreting is extremely high. Our interpreters have extensive experience from working in the institutions of the European Union and other international surroundings, and we are extremely proud of their expertise.

Community interpreting

Community interpreting helps people understand each other.

When you don’t share a common language, an interpreter helps you understand each other. The purpose of community interpreting is to help people take care of everyday matters and understand each other when, for instance, dealing with different authorities.

Remote interpreting

Arrange interpreting also for virtual events.

Interpreting does not always need to take place in the same location as the event being interpreted. The remote interpreting service can be arranged over a telephone or video connection or with various applications.

Interpreting equipment

Interpreting equipment to match your needs.

We help our customers choose the optimal interpreting method and technology for both virtual and on-site meetings and conferences.

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