Remote interpreting

Interpreting does not always need to take place in the same location as the event being interpreted. The remote interpreting service can be arranged over a telephone or video connection or with various applications.

Delingua has provided first-class remote interpreting technology. Delingua has held the reins and ensured smooth progress of our meetings that have required interpreting.

Advantages of remote simultaneous interpreting:

  • It is possible to reach a larger number of participants and offer more languages.
  • Listening to interpreting with a smart device and headphones is a more customer-friendly option as separate receivers are not needed.
  • The availability of the best interpreters improves as they do not need to travel to the meeting venue.
  • Clear savings can be achieved in travel and accommodation expenses and interpreting and event technology costs.
  • A sustainably organised event is also a climate-friendly option.
  • Remote simultaneous interpreting can also be arranged during the pandemic and travel restrictions.

Are you looking for a customer story?

Find out about the biggest business event in the Nordic region, Nordic Business Forum, for which we have provided conference interpreting for several years!

Read the full customer success story!

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