Nordic Business Forum

Mega seminar focused on business

Over the years, Nordic Business Forum has grown into a conference with the feel of a rock concert, where famous speakers from the world of business share their knowledge. Previous speakers have included former U.S. President Barack Obama, Sir Richard Branson, one of Apple’s founders Steve Wozniak and Hollywood actor George Clooney.

The details of the business seminar are carefully considered and the level of customer service is unmatched. At a well-organised event like Nordic Business Forum, participants are naturally provided with professional simultaneous interpreting.

Delingua has a strong capacity for cooperation and they’re open to new ideas and technology.

Delingua is easy to communicate with and things run smoothly. They also have a desire to improve continually.

Ease of cooperation

Delingua has had the pleasure of being the seminar’s official interpreting partner since its early days. Nordic Business Forum’s Co-Founder Hans-Peter Siefen believes it is important for the participants to understand the speakers’ message as well as possible. The crux of a message is often easier to understand when you hear the words in your own language.

Siefen is pleased with the ease of cooperation and Delingua’s professionalism. “It’s easy to work with a reliable partner. We know the interpreters will be in the right place at the right time,” Siefen says. He continues: “One key reason for the long and seamless partnership is Delingua’s and NBF’s shared goal of taking something good and making it even better.”

Openness to new ideas

Growth has also seen the cooperation expand, with Delingua having the opportunity to work with NBF at Nordic Business Forum Sweden. The Swedish event also employed for the first time modern simultaneous interpreting technology that turns listeners’ smartphones into receivers. “Delingua has a strong capacity for cooperation and they’re open to new ideas and technology. We find it easy to work with Delingua,” Siefen says.

To listen to the interpreters, NBF participants now only need an iOS or Android smartphone and headphones. The interpreting is delivered through an application that audience members can download to their phones. The service is free for participants.

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