Sweden’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Professional conference interpreting

During Sweden’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, Delingua organised conference interpreting for the Swedish Government’s Office at several meetings. The meetings ranged from informal Councils of Ministers to various conferences and official-level meetings. In addition, interpreting was provided to individual high-level representatives through the embassies of different countries.

The number of interpreting languages varied between one and six language pairs, with up to twelve conference interpreters interpreting at one meeting.

The Swedish Presidency is very pleased with the smooth and efficient high-quality interpreting services provided by Delingua and their excellent conference interpreters.

The Presidency coordinators for interpretation often faced huge challenges with late changes to the meeting programs as well as sudden and unexpected needs for interpretation. Therefore, we highly appreciate Delingua’s flexibility and professionalism.

Ease of cooperation

The cooperation between Delingua and the interpreting coordination of the Swedish Government Office was easy and smooth, as both the end customer and Delingua understand well the requirements and needs of conference interpreting.

The coordination work included, among other things, assembling an interpreting team according to the language needs, managing the interpreters’ contracts and access badges as well as ensuring the working conditions and preparation materials.

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