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Delingua on board from the outset

The partnership between Delingua and Epic began in 2013 when a procurement consortium formed by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and a few municipalities began the procurement of a shared system for social and healthcare services. Before choosing Delingua as its language services partner, Epic organised a competitive tendering process between translation agencies. Delingua was selected as the translation partner thanks to both the quality of our test translation and our efficient customer service.

The Apotti project is one of the largest software localisation assignments Delingua has ever had. Before the localisation work began, Delingua supported Epic in the procurement stage by providing interpreting services related to the tender presentation, product comparison events and technical dialogue. Delingua was also assigned to translate the procurement documentation from Finnish to English and the tender documentation from English to Finnish. Later, after Epic opened an office in Finland, Delingua has been providing Finnish language training to Epic’s employees who moved from the US to Finland.

Once the software translation project began, Epic also recruited internal translators who joined the project and took the baton from Delingua. Epic also consulted Delingua when it recruited its internal translators.

We commissioned test translations from three service providers and had our Finnish colleagues assess their quality. Delingua was clearly the best in terms of accuracy, style and turnaround time.

The most valuable aspects of a successful localisation project are accuracy and an in-depth understanding of healthcare terminology.

A localisation assignment beyond compare

The localisation project consisted of millions of words translated from English to Finnish as well as a complex healthcare software glossary. Additional challenges were presented by the long words typical of the Finnish language and the strict character limits in the software.

According to Jeff Totoritis, head of system implementation at Epic, the most valuable aspects of a successful localisation project are accuracy and an in-depth understanding of healthcare terminology. It’s also important to cooperate with the client organisation to develop and implement an appropriate quality assurance process.

In spite of the scope and challenging nature of the project, Delingua performed its share of the Apotti project successfully, thanks to thorough preparations and processes that became established during the project, for example.

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