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Sufficient level in translations 

Svea’s and Delingua’s paths crossed in 2013 when Svea decided to find a suitable partner for its translations. The time-related resources required by translations had become a challenge: Why use the time of lawyers and communications specialists for translations when the work could be outsourced to a specialised service provider? However, when looking for a translation agency, Svea immediately came across difficulties in finding a high-quality cooperation partner. 

“When we decided to try and outsource translations, we went through numerous service providers at all ends of the scale but none of them could reach the required level, not even close,” says Pontus Widbom from Svea’s marketing. “Finally, we found Delingua, capable of meeting our needs.” 

Finally, we found Delingua.

Full points to Delingua’s good and flexible team, it’s a pleasure to cooperate with them.

Saving time through outsourcing 

 Nowadays, Svea’s translation needs are no longer a cause for concern as it gets its translations from Delingua. Outsourcing frees up time and resources for other tasks. Delingua has also shortened translation turnaround times: they are no longer done as inhouse work alongside other duties but received from the translation agency and practically ready to use. 

“Previously, we constantly had a backlog of translations. Now, we get them for our proofreading and use without delay as Delingua responds quickly to our orders and also delivers the translations quickly,” notes Pontus Widbom. “Furthermore, full points to Delingua’s good and flexible team, it’s a pleasure to cooperate with them.” 

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