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Staart’s goal is to build, together with its customers, meaningfully different brands – brands that have a clear meaning in people’s lives and that stand out from the crowd. Its solutions are not limited to models familiar to advertising agencies but also include service design tools. Consequently, in addition to marketing and brand-related work, the outcome may include a new product or engagement model .

Cooperation with Delingua gives us the opportunity to use our time for finalising the other parts of the projects.

— Jussi Pohjola, Head of Operations

When new needs emerge, cost estimates are given promptly, with clear pricing and scheduling.

— Jussi Pohjola, Head of Operations

Why Delingua?

Staart started using Delingua’s services as it was not entirely satisfied with its previous translation partners. The primary reason for looking for a new partner was various problems in earlier assignments, related to translation quality, service flexibility and adherence to schedules.

Delingua helps Staart when the company’s customers need translations for their marketing materials or online services. Translation topics and language pairs vary according to the needs of end customers.

According to Staart, right from the beginning of the cooperation, Delingua has acted extremely quickly and precisely. When new needs emerge, cost estimates are given promptly, with clear pricing and scheduling. The quality of translations is very high, so Staart’s personnel or the end customer do not need to spend their time checking and correcting the materials.

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