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International online store 

Opa Muurikka offers cooking experiences both indoors and outdoors. There is also demand for high-quality products outside Finland and an English-language online store was needed to support international sales. 

Next up is the conquest of the Nordic countries with the Muurikka brand website in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, which displays the entire product range. In the future, our sights are also set on many other countries. 

A localised online store has opened up great opportunities for us internationally. High-quality Finnish products are appreciated and in demand around the world.

We especially value the expertise of our contact person in integration and translation.

Translations conveniently through integration 

The online shop is built with the popular WordPress WooCommerce online store platform, where you can translate text with a multilingual plugin. Opa Muurikka’s online store translations were conveniently implemented with WPML integration. In the integration, a connection is formed between the online store and Delingua’s system, making it quick and easy to choose the content to be translated and to import the translated texts back to the website. The integration will also make it easier to update the content of the site in the future.

From the beginning, Delingua was involved in planning and supporting the different phases of the online store’s localisation project. “Delingua provides us with all the help we need for the different language versions of the international online store quickly and reliably”, says Jyrki Sihvonen, CMO at Opa Muurikka.

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