Versatile language service partner

Delingua has been Kotipizza Group’s language service partner for several years. Before Kotipizza Group became part of Orkla, the company was listed on Helsinki Stock Exchange for four years. During that time, Kotipizza Group had investors from around Europe so, as a rule, owner and investor communications had to be multilingual. Delingua was Kotipizza Group’s partner in a wide range of language service needs, from annual report translations to interpreting at annual general meetings.

“We have had many Swedish-speaking employees and many of us write and speak English daily, but professional translation is of course a better option in these situations. Help from professionals guarantees efficiency and quality,” says Antti Isokangas, Kotipizza Group’s Chief Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer.

Help from professionals guarantees efficiency and quality.

Multilingual communications contribute to food safety.

Translation services for crisis communications

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic had a strong impact on the restaurant business. The sector’s restrictions and safety measures created a lot of communications needs for Kotipizza Group.

“We have needed critical safety-related internal and external materials, often at short notice. In this, Delingua has been a good partner and, for its part, facilitated crisis management and recovery from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, both in chain management and in our restaurants,” says Isokangas.

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