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In the beginning, there was software localisation

Before translation cooperation with Delingua, Granlund’s personnel translated texts themselves using Granlund  Manager  software. However, they soon noticed that their own resources were not enough and a professional translation partner was needed. Delingua was chosen as the software localisation partner as it had a lot of expertise in the construction and design sector.

Delingua makes the localisation of new software strings easy and effortless. The development team does not need to spend time pre- or post-processing the materials as translations are done directly in the resource files and reviews can take place in the same environment. Granlund has a dedicated Localisation Manager at Delingua, who manages the overall customer relationship.

Our development team regularly needs help with new  software string  language versions, which we get easily  from Delingua.

With Delingua, things have run smoothly from the start and we have increased Granlund Manager’s language selection significantly.

Advantages of concentration

“With Delingua,  things have run smoothly from the start and we have increased Granlund Manager’s language selection significantly, and started using  Delingua’s  services also in marketing and communications translations,” says Mika Ruottinen from Granlund. “We could free up time from translation to development, and we can trust that Delingua can handle any language.”

Granlund has also used Delingua’s other language services. For instance, the company’s specialists have studied English with a  Delingua  language trainer and developed their language skills considerably.

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