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To reduce internal workload, Finlayson was looking for an extra pair of hands for content creation in different languages. Finlayson finds that multilingual content creation in particular is often a bottleneck in a project’s progress. Finlayson’s online store is part of its project for entering the international market and online store translations were easy to outsource.

Finlayson had been disappointed with the service provided by its previous partners. Delingua was recommended to Finlayson by many others and so the company decided to give the cooperation a go. The cooperation focuses especially on the translation of the international online store’s product texts.

We have been positively surprised about how the schedules are always met and Delingua immediately found just the right style and tone in our translations.

The translations are good and have our ‘look and feel’.

Always on schedule

Delingua has helped Finlayson, first and foremost, by offering an extra pair of hands and professional competence dealing with product content translations. Adherence to schedules, which is not self-evident with all translation agencies, is crucially important. According to Finlayson’s Mirka Erander, the cooperation is easy and the communication is clear and uncomplicated. “The translations are good and have our ‘look and feel’,” says Mirka Erander.

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