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Delingua as a strategic partner

Eezy’s business operations are diverse and the company is passionate about ensuring the quality of customer service communications, both in Finnish and in other languages. As a listed company, Eezy’s translation needs often come up suddenly and have tight schedules. Therefore, it is crucial that Eezy can be sure it receives top-quality translations even when turnaround times are short.

These were the prerequisites when Eezy was looking for a high-quality translation partner. It was important to find a strategic partnership, with smooth cooperation and high quality as the main selection criteria. Eezy’s requirements for the translation agency included dynamic cooperation and agile translation performance in a fast-paced world. From a communications point of view, the goal was to create a harmonious universe of translations, with terms and style matching the company’s brand.

Quality and efficiency stand out in Delingua’s work.

I sleep better at night when I know I can trust the translation partner’s professional competence in all situations.

Quality and efficiency stand out

Delingua is Eezy’s partner in a wide variety of translation needs, such as translating press releases, contracts, instructions, website content and other materials. The cooperation model suits Eezy’s high-tempo operating environment. Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Hanna Lehto is particularly delighted about the fact that schedule confirmations come immediately and translations are often delivered even before the agreed deadline. Eezy has also been satisfied with the high quality of the translations and the fact that translation memories have ensured that the wording and terminology are in line with the company’s communications approach.

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