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In 2021, Kuntien Tiera redesigned its website, which meant a new translation partner was needed to translate the revised content into Swedish. There are many Swedish-speaking municipal organisations in Finland, which means that having a professional website available in both official languages is necessary for servicing the municipality as a whole.

For its new translation partner, Kuntien Tiera chose Delingua, a long-time provider of translation services for municipal organisations. Delingua’s Polylang plugin allows for the translation of content without copying and pasting or external files, which saves time at both ends. Any content can be transferred directly from Kuntien Tiera’s WordPress to Delingua’s server, and, once translated, back to WordPress.

Our cooperation began in 2021 when we set out to find a translation partner for our redesigned website. We ended up choosing Delingua, a long-time provider of translation services for municipal organisations.

We know that Delingua will deliver high-quality and professional translations, even at short notice.

Customer stories, articles and other translation needs

After the initial website project, Delingua has taken care of Kuntien Tiera’s ongoing translation needs. The translations are delivered through the same built-in link on the organisation’s website, which imports the new texts directly into WordPress. The WordPress plugin has paid back the one-time effort of installation many times over.

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