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A strategic partnership

As one of Finland’s largest companies, Posti has a regular and diverse need for translation services. The work is often done according to a quick schedule, which requires the partner to have the capacity to deliver flexible services in various circumstances.

The partnership between Posti and Delingua began even before Posti’s name and brand renewal, and the partnership has only deepened over the years. The translation service partnership includes a wide range of translation services that cater to various needs. “We value Delingua’s flexible approach,” says Ulla Parviainen, Head of Communications at Posti.


We value Delingua’s flexible approach.

Our strategic partnership is based on Delingua having an in-depth understanding of us and our needs and having the capacity to offer solutions to us proactively.

A trailblazer in its industry

“Delingua is a trailblazer is in its industry and they can also offer proactive solutions to Posti,” Ulla Parviainen adds. “Working together, we have found solutions to our various needs ranging from translation projects to language choices and scheduling.”

Technological development has also brought about new forms of cooperation and new operating methods to our partnership, such as remote simultaneous interpreting and the management of different language versions using Episerver connector, which connects Posti’s content management system with Delingua’s translation management system.




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