Is the translator familiar with our industry?

Our experience has shown that new customers are very concerned about whether the translator really is familiar with a certain field of business. For us, each translation assignment is special and deserves a translator who knows the subject matter and its special terminology. Our translation tool’s validation function provides additional peace of mind: The customer or another specialist can review the quality of the translation easily and efficiently, which also improves the quality of future translations.

Delingua was the first with sufficient translation quality.

Our customers operate in many different fields and their translation assignments consist of a wide variety of text types, such as

  • press and stock exchange releases
  • annual reports
  • customer magazines
  • software
  • user manuals
  • safety data sheets
  • website content
  • marketing materials

Read our customer stories for examples of translation assignments and fields for which we have delivered translations.

Can translation quality be assessed in advance?

When ordering a translation from a translation agency, you usually evaluate whether you received high-quality service and a good translation after the assignment has been completed. But what if you could assess translation quality in advance? Wouldn’t you seize the opportunity to make sure you really get what you need?

If quality is your most important criterion when ordering translation services, read our blog about translation quality!

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