Accessibility and localisation of audio and video content

The amount of audio and video content is increasing rapidly. If your target audience is international, why not make a multilingual video? The Accessibility Directive requires attention to accessibility and to making content available for everyone.

We subtitle and make videos accessible using either an SRT file or the video itself. According to agreed timelines.

Localisation of audio and video content:  

  • Subtitling is the most cost-efficient way of adding a translation to a video and an easy method for making audio and video content accessible. Our audiovisual translators take into account the limitations of the character count and timing.
  • Voice-over refers to a translation that is spoken over the original speech so that the original is still quietly audible in the background.
  • Transcribing refers to writing different video and audio files in text format. Our customers order from us transcriptions of meetings, group interviews and podcasts, for example. Transcribed text files are often also translated.

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